Second Story Floors

When we started out, Shaun told us that the framing process was likely going to be when it felt like things moved the fastest. Dirt work feels slow because not much progress is visible. Mechanical, like plumbing and wiring, feel slow because the look of the house doesn’t change much, even though a lot of work goes into those sections. Framing is different – walls and floors take shape in a hurry. And now, finally, things were starting to look like a house. Standing on our second story floors was a satisfying experience.

Big Views

Overall, things were looking good. If anything, the views from the second story were better than we expected. Which was good, since that was were we would likely spend most of our time. From the perspective of the second story floor, the power lines across the street were much less visible than from the first floor, since they effectively dropped into the neighboring hillside (and will also drop into the deck railings). Our views to the west were also bigger than we expected; we thought we would be blocked a little more by our neighbor’s house, but we can see to both sides of it.


Our progress slowed down a little bit by slow-to-arrive LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beams that were necessary for the 2′ kick-out that we added to our kitchen thanks to the HOA. As you’ll see as we go along, the 2′ kick-out and the step-down in the roof ended up causing slightly more hassles than we initially expected. Which was kind of annoying since the additions were purely aesthetic (and not for our aesthetics). But on the whole, it was good to see progress heading in the right direction.

We were still waiting on structural steel to finish framing out the garage – a steel beam will run over the garage entrance and hold up the 2nd story floors. The floor joists were on-site, but the steel hadn’t arrived yet. So all of the progress was still happening in the first 2/3 of the house, with more living room to be built out over the garage.

Next up would come wall framing so that we could put things in perspective, so to speak.