Our Blueprints

I realized that though we’ve discussed our initial plans, tweaks we made when engineering and in response to the HOA, we haven’t posted our full build plans or blueprints. Once we finally got the HOA to sign off on things, we had a set of plans that we could (and wanted to ) build. They looked like this. Note that the house doesn’t float out of the ground; these plans include the underground crawl space and deck footers. So the dirt line is even with the garage door.

The plans also provided for a big front deck and a small office deck, which I’ve cut out here so that the floor plan is clear. The wider view of the second story looks like this:

Overall, the blueprints represented what we wanted: a compact floorplan that uses space in the same way that we use space. It aligned nicely with the project goals that we put together at the beginning of this process. It certainly wasn’t everything in our big pinterest board, but there was plenty of overlap. There were plenty of questions still to be answered though. Primarily, how was this blueprint going to match up with the house in real life? And how would our budget match up with what we wanted to spend?

A couple of final elevations (the upper section isn’t in a cloud; that was to draw attention to the changes from the 2:12 slope. Colors weren’t final yet either):