A Big Pinterest Board

It doesn’t make much sense to build a custom home if you don’t have a specific idea of what you want in a home. If most things with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms would work, then you’re probably better off buying a home and saving yourself a year of decisions and likely frustration. More on that here. But if you’re forming a clear idea of what you want, a big ‘ol Pinterest board will probably help.

By the time we started to design our home, we had a pretty detailed list of home design goals. And we had read through a lot of different books and blogs. But a lot of aspects of home design are visual, and it’s helpful to have a visual reference for things. Enter: a big ‘ol pinterest board. When we started out, we added things to the board if they looked interesting to us. It didn’t matter whether the different elements fit together, or whether they were feasible within our budget. “I like this” was basically the standard. Once we started to design our actual structure, we started refining things a bit to adding those elements that fit with the design we were going for. Here’s what we have so far; I’ll be curious to see how it matches up with the final result.