Engineered Plans

Printing off the engineered plans and site plan on big paper made the whole process feel a little more “real.” However, after we dropped the plans off with the HOA for the architectural review, we realized they needed a slight tweak. When we had walked the site and placed the theoretical building on it, we discussed adjusting the office windows so that they gave views of the small pine grove to the north, and a longer view down-valley to the south. Then we wanted a piece of solid wall between them to screen the neighbor’s house and reduce glare on computer screens.

Looking at the engineered plans, the “down-valley” window wasn’t there. The picture window had been deleted, but it’s replacement hadn’t made the drawings. 

Missing Office Window
Missing Window

We emailed Shaun about the issue, and he replied with some solutions. The first didn’t allow for much wall space for a computer:

Not much computer space

The next had some more space, thanks to a narrower window:

Office window mirrored windows

Or a very skinny down-valley window:

Office window option 2

Or a middle-ground option, with a little more window but still more wall than the first:

Office window option 3

He, and we, preferred the third option. Beyond that, we were happy with the engineered plans, though Shuan noted that the master bedroom windows were in a mild state of flux, owing to discussions he was having with the manufacturer.

With a firm floorplan in hand, we started to look at where furniture would live and how we were likely to use the space.