Home Depot Dates

Once we were squarely on the path of building a custom house, we started setting up a few “Home Depot Dates.” With a couple of small kids, getting out of the house is not a trivial thing. But we wanted to be able to take a look at things like countertops, cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc., in-person while taking our time. So we set a few nights to go out for dinner and then, instead of a movie, wander through Home Depot or Ikea a lighting showroom or some other purveyor of home goods to see what we liked and what we didn’t.

It was a surprisingly helpful exercise. It was low-stress, since we weren’t on any kind of tight timeline yet, and we weren’t actually spending money yet – just looking at how we might spend money later. It allowed us to get a sense of how things looked and felt in real-life, as compared to photos on a computer screen. And it was a fun sort of liminal space, where we had all of these options at our disposal and didn’t need to make any decisions yet.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Shaker Cabinets

Modern Fans

Industrial Fixtures

Industrial Light Fixtures

Bamboo Flooring

We also started to zero in on countertops (quartz or solid surface, most likely) and some of the other fittings and fixtures, like brushed nickel for a lot of fittings and probably carpet for the bedrooms. Overall, it was a helpful exercise from a planning perspective, and we expected it to become a semi-regular thing as we moved through the process.