Floorplan Round 2

Our first round of floorplan edits produced the second iteration of our floorplan. It included a number of minor-ish tweaks; the largest was ironing out the hitch in the north wall:

It baked in a number of optional changes, including maybe moving the laundry room upstairs to eat up some of the dead space there, and expanding the activity room somewhat. Based on the plans and our discussions, it became pretty clear that our budget didn’t allow for a stand-alone bunkroom, so we tweaked our plans to add bunks somewhere to the activity room. At this point we had a lot of friends with kids, and it will be a lot easier for them to come stay with us if the adults can have the office/guest space and the kids can bunk separately.

This version also reflected our tweak to move the closets in the kids’ rooms to the interior walls, rather than exterior walls. That way the clothes end up serving as a sound buffer, and the entryway into the rooms adds some sense of separation from the public spaces to the private, along the lines of what was suggested in A Pattern Language. We ended up referring to that book a lot.

The main problem with the draft was that it still left awkward, dead-ish space around the master bedroom on the second floor. Though the flow from the front door to the office would keep clients out of the rest of the house, we wondered whether it would be worth bumping the office up to the second floor and adding a stand-alone entrance. That would further separate the office from the family parts of the house, while eating up the dead space and giving some views from the office.

This was the note we gave to Shaun:

Office Edit
Our Expertly-Drawn Suggestion

That got us to the next version of our floorplan.