Walking the Lot

We didn’t have to wait long before identifying our potential lot and walking it with Shaun, our architect — we got out with him just a couple of days later. The views from the lot were as good as we remembered, and Shaun confirmed that the lot would be pretty easy to build on, absent any major soil concerns. The lot is bordered by a 30 mph road, which accesses a couple of developments. It had some traffic on it, though nothing overwhelming.

Overhead View

The lot had one odd feature – something that looked like a large, rectangular berm. It almost looked like someone had started excavating the lot but stopped. We filed that information away – it would be a bad sign if someone started to develop the site and stopped because they found something they didn’t like.

While we were walking the site, one of the neighbors wandered over to chat. He was at the lot next door, which was in the construction process – they were in the process of framing the house with SIPs (structurally insulated panels). As it turned out, the neighbor was the owner and builder – he was general contracting his own house. 

He was a wealth of information, since he was going through the same process we were considering, but he was about a year into the future on it. He gave us the download about soils, utilities, the HOA architectural review, the community – just about everything we could think to ask him. He and his wife also have two kids, and their youngest is about the same age as our oldest, so they acted as our advanced recon when it came to things like schools and the neighborhood makeup as well.

When we finished the walk-through, we were at least interested enough to contact the listing agent and do some due diligence about any potential issues with the lot.