A Modern Mountain Home

A Modern Mountain Home

Building a Modern Home in Summit County, Colorado

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We are a family of four building a custom modern home in Summit County, Colorado
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Build Now or Wait?
Some advice on whether to build now or wait, since labor and material prices are high and interest rates are low.
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Concrete Work and Vertical Progress
After months of owning a wet hole in the ground, we were finally getting concrete work done and seeing vertical progress.
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Choosing Stone, Wood, and Tile
Working with our interior designer to choose stone, wood, carpet, and tile from a set of options she pulled.
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Digging is Done!
After months of having a partially-complete wet hole in the ground, digging is done and we're finally able to start building up.
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Excavation is Slow Going in Clay
Our excavation went slow, slower than we expected thanks to clay soils and seeping subsurface water. Eventually we built a moat.
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First Interior Design Board
Giving feedback on the first draft of our first interior design board that we received back from our interior designer.
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