A Modern Mountain Home

A Modern Mountain Home

Building a Modern Home in Summit County, Colorado

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We are a family of four building a custom modern home in Summit County, Colorado
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Some of the highlights so far
Refining Interiors and Electrical
Refining our interior selections and some tweaks to our electrical and lighting plans as we continued to move the project forward.
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Fireplaces, Islands, and Tables
Working to refine our plans for the location of our fireplace, our kitchen island, and our dining table for traffic circulation and views.
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Exterior Design: Keep it Natural
Selecting our exterior colors and materials, along with some deck adjustments to maximize our use of space.
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Stairs, Soffits, and Starting Mechanical Work
More progress on the house, including stairs, soffits, and the start of our mechanical work, all marking the end of fast visual progress.
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Finished with Framing
By the beginning of February 2021 we were just about finished with framing. There were still a few interior bits and pieces to be done,...
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More Kitchen Design Progress
Refining our kitchen design by choosing cabinets, countertops, and flooring to coordinate with each other and with the rest of the house.
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