A Modern Mountain Home

A Modern Mountain Home

Building a Modern Home in Summit County, Colorado

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We are a family of four building a custom modern home in Summit County, Colorado
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Stairs, Water, Butcher Block Counters
Making more progress on the interior with stairs and butcher block countertops while we wait for our sewer and water connections to happen.
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Ikea Hacks and Moving but not Moving In
Some Ikea hacks for walk-in closets and built-in bookshelves, and our process of moving but not moving in.
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Interior Finishes: Floors and More
Moving along with interior finishes, including engineered hardwood floors, carpet, doors, and window trim.
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Sewer and Water Connections
Our timeline suffers when we can't find a contractor to make our sewer and water connections, which are kind of a big deal.
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Last Minute Delays
Hitting some delays and snags with last-minute tasks as we approach the move-in date in our modern mountain home.
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Paint, Counters, and Fire
Getting paint on the walls, choosing counters, and working with our local fire department to cut down on our wildfire risk.
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