A Modern Mountain Home

A Modern Mountain Home

Building a Modern Home in Summit County, Colorado

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We are a family of four building a custom modern home in Summit County, Colorado
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Some of the highlights so far
Outlet and Lighting Plans
Refining our outlet and lighting plans with our interior designer to ensure we can plug things in and see what we're doing.
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Second Story Floors
Getting our second story floors in place so we can start to take in our views, one of the biggest features of our home.
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Hot Tub Shopping
Shopping for a hot tub in Summit County Colorado, with some comparisons between brands and some advice from those in the know.
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Kitchen Design
Working through the process of kitchen design with our interior designer, Home Depot, and Lowe's, with some highs and Lowes.
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Second Story Floors
Framing out our second story floors so that we could see the big views of the Colorado Mountains. Good to see vertical progress.
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Fourth Draw and Money Updates
Some budget updates after our fourth draw submitted to the bank, as well as overall budget numbers and targets as we started framing.
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