A Modern Mountain Home

A Modern Mountain Home

Building a Modern Home in Summit County, Colorado

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We are a family of four building a custom modern home in Summit County, Colorado
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Some of the highlights so far
Interior Paint
Choosing our interior paint colors from the huge range of options. Who knew there were so many whites and grays!?
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Choosing Interior Finishes
Beginning our process of choosing interior finishes, including floors, paint, tile, light fixtures, and the other pretty bits in the house.
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Pre Drywall Walkthrough
Going on a walkthrough of our house with our builder before the drywall phase to refine some framing and exterior elements.
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Contingency Contingencies
Rising building and labor costs started to pinch our budget and our remaining contingency fund, pushing us to look for margin.
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Windows and Siding
Some delays on our windows slowed things down but we finally got eyeglasses into our house! Which paved the way for some siding progress.
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Refining Interiors and Electrical
Refining our interior selections and some tweaks to our electrical and lighting plans as we continued to move the project forward.
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